Recruiting, Management and Leadership in A Kit

The Complete Mortgage Management Kit

The loan officer compensation changes will certainly shake up the rules of recruiting. It will be a more level playing field.  

Over an average of five years, this one hire would be worth a NET PROFIT of $50,000 to $150,000 to his company. Unfortunately, managers in this industry don’t have enough time to select, assess, hire, coach and retain the better loan officers. Nor do they have enough direction. Now Dave Hershman, the author of More Income and Less Stress for sales personnel brings mortgage managers More Productivity and Less Stress for management in the mortgage industry. For the first time in industry history, there is a book developed that is tailored to the needs of managers who are typically saddled with several full-time jobs–

  • Personal loan production
  • Recruiting top-notch sales personnel
  • Orienting and training new employees
  • Coaching and leading employees
  • Dealing with problem customers, employees and loans
  • Upgrading their office with new technologies
  • Fighting fires
  • And more…

Now you can move from focusing only on personal production and fighting fires to getting control of these many jobs so, you can make the transition from keeping your head above water to becoming a leader who makes a difference in people’s lives. This book does more than give you direction, it contains a multitude of tools you can use every day–from templates for workflows and job responsibilities to spreadsheets for office/company reports, including a profit and loss. The entire book is contained on a disc so that you can make the contents part of your everyday solutions with a minimum of work and stress.

Order The Complete Mortgage Management Kit™, and you will also receive FREE:

  • The Book Of Home Finance – $39 value
  • Audio of the 2005 Mortgage Management Conference by Dave Hershman and Mike Baker and five other speakers – $299 value
  • Total Value – $837 Save $338!!

Here are the secrets of management: Hire the right people. Tell the right people their job. Give the right people the tools necessary to do their jobs. Get out of the way. Sound simple? The Complete Mortgage Management Kit™ can help you make it happen – in reality.

This book is the cornerstone of the national Mortgage Management Conference hosted by Dave Hershman and Mike Baker, and purchasers also receive a free audio of this two-day conference absolutely free. At the conference you will hear questions from an audience of over 130 mortgage managers and answers from seven industry experts in the areas of technology, training and even a legal expert.

Whether you are you running a small mortgage brokerage or a branch, regional or national sales force–do you have the support you need to help you get on top of your management/leadership goals?

Dave Hershman is the top author for the mortgage industry with seven books authored on finance, sales and management as well as hundreds of articles in national industry publications. More importantly, he has been asked to do what managers are faced with every day. A top producer with almost 600 loans originated in his first 18 months as a loan officer, he was selected to run a sales staff with no management experience with the industry. He went on to become a regional for national mortgage companies, headed a sales force for a mortgage technology firm and even help found a federal bank. He also teaches the most advanced comprehensive mortgage school in the nation. When you learn, why not learn from the leading industry expert?

World Class. Tons of valuable material that I will be able to implement immediately. Will help immensely in running a more profitable net branch operation.
– Phillip Gurule Allstate Home Loans Long Beach, CA

Good information and excellent materials. Helped confirm some thing we do and gave good direction for assessing needs.
– George Robins, MCN Corp., Tampa, FL

For more information, take a closer look at the sections of The Complete Mortgage Management Kit™ – the revised 2006 Edition – by clicking on the link below…

The Complete Mortgage Management Kit™ is 100% guaranteed – or your money back.


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