The Objective Of A Prospect Call

Now that the compensation plan situation has been resolved, at least for now…let’s get back to work. Interesting view…this applies to loan officers too, however, make sure you do a good job of qualifying before you set an appointment…and not just financially. It is not about just running credit scores, but find out how serious they are.

Real estate agents generally communicate with prospects for the first time over the phone, and they may be tempted to make a phone appointment for the near future because they are focused on something else at the time. However, experts say the objective of this first encounter should be to schedule a face-to-face appointment, as the more time prospects spend on the phone or wait to meet with the agent in person, the more resistant and hesitant they become. Agents should create a list of important qualifying questions to ask prospects over the phone, such as when they hope to move and what type of home they are looking for, but they should not aim to have all of their questions answered during this conversation. Experts say they should not lose sight of the fact that booking an appointment is the main goal of the call.

Source: “The Objective of Qualifying Questions,” Realty Times


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