FHA Regulates Use of HUD and FHA Logos

FHA has released Mortgagee Letter 2011-17, regulating the use of FHA and HUD logos in advertising. The provisions of the letter are effective 30 days from issuance date of April 19, 2011. FHA-approved lenders may display the official FHA Approved Lending Institution logos (Exhibit A) on a Device for the purpose of describing and illustrating to the public the types of loan products offered by the lender. When displayed by a FHA-approved lender for this purpose, the FHA Approved Lending Institution logo must be displayed in a discreet manner. Use of the FHA Approved Lending Institution logo(s) must, in each instance, be accompanied by a conspicuous disclaimer that clearly informs the public that the lender authoring the Device is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal government. Furthermore, alteration or modification of the FHA Approved Lending Institution logo(s) is strictly prohibited. FHA-approved lenders, non FHA-approved mortgagees and Third Party Originators are not permitted to display the official HUD seal (Exhibit B) or any other insignia that imitates an official Federal seal on any Device.

FHA-approved lenders may not purport or imply that as a result of their approval to participate in FHA programs that their business products or services are coming directly from HUD or FHA. Lenders are required to retain copies of any Device they produce that is related to FHA programs for a period of two years from the date that the Device is circulated or used. Loan correspondents previously approved by FHA shall be prohibited from displaying the FHA Approved Lending Institution logo(s) on any Device. Source: FHA


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