Sales Tip: How To Approach Realtors (or any target)

Sales Tip: How To Approach Realtors (or any target)

I get this question all the time–how do I approach a Realtor or other referral source?  They seem to shut me out.  Well the key is in the approach angle.  Here are a few keys…

  1. First, it is all about targeting. I guarantee you if you approach the wrong target, you will get the wrong result.  What is the right target? Well, for example, someone who is open to working with someone new (does not have relationship interference) –not just someone you want to work with. Are you guys compatible ethically, technologically and geographically?  Do your research first!
  2. Do not approach as a cold call.  Cold calling will hurt your results dramatically. Do your networking and make sure you get a warm introduction. I don’t care if it is from another Realtor, a vendor or even a church member.
  3. When you get there–don’t hammer them for business. Flatter them–I respect your opinion. Ask for their advice.  Find out information.  Of course, look for openings in which you can follow-up and keep the relationship going. 
  4. Ask questions you will get an affirmative answer to.  For example, do you have a deal for me now?  80% chance of a no.  What do you think is the best way for me to help Realtors with their business?  98% chance for a positive answer.
  5. Don’t ask questions about something you should already know.  Are you a listing agent?  Where did you go to school?  You can get these answers on the Internet. Google them.  Review their site.  Do your research in preparation for the meeting.
  6. Remember to talk about what is of interest to them.  They are interested in selling more homes–not mortgages.  If you talk about your service, price and products, they have heard it before. How are you going to help them sell more homes?
  7. Use the meeting to network.  Do they know someone it would be important for you to meet (another Realtor, a vendor, a CPA)?

The right approach will make all the difference in the world.


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