Special Event Thursday: Bring In More Prospects Now

Rates Are Down: Are You Ready To Take Advantage?

Complimentary Webinar  —  Bring in More Prospects Using  FDI’s CreditTrax Solution

– Thursday, June 9: 2:00 PM EDT/11: 00 AM PDT
Register Here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/633976026

Want to Earn More? The formula is simple:

– Bring in More Prospects
– Qualify More Prospects
– Convert More Prospects

Are you serious about bringing in more purchases?  There is only one tool which is the most affordable and effective alternative to accomplish all three goals.  In this Webinar we will focus on showing you how to reposition yourself in order to attract more prospects and also close them using FDI’s Complete Financial Solution for your prospects and clients. With so much talk about prospects not qualifying and FDI being the most effective and affordable tool to make that happen, we have received many requests from those who are not fully taking advantage of today’s low rates because they are not bringing in enough prospects.

Consumers Are Scared Because of the News That  Lenders Don’t Want Them — This is an Opportunity For You

 FDI’s CreditTrax and EquityTrax will help you bring in more prospects as well as converting more deals. How? It is all about positioning. You now will be able to position yourself to get more referrals from Realtors, Builders and even Banks and CPAs.

Don’t miss this webinar in which Dave Hershman describes the use of this tool to help you succeed. These low rates will not be with you forever. The time to act is now! All attendees will get a consumer based webinar, Fix Your Credit Now, which you can use as a one-on-one presentation or for larger venues.

Bring in More Prospects Using FDI’s CreditTrax Solution

 Thursday, June 9: 2:00 PM EDT/11: 00 AM PDT
– Register Here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/633976026

About The Speaker
Dave Hershman heads OriginationPro.  Dave is a leading industry expert with seven books written in the industry, including two published by the Mortgage Bankers Association.  Dave has been a top producing originator and production executive during his 30 years in the industry. Dave has headlined at hundreds of industry events during the past three decades and has trained thousands of originators, managers, real estate agents and operations personnel. 


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