Free Webinar: Maximum Newsletter Marketing

Rates Are Down But Could Rise Again Tomorrow
Are You Ready With a Comprehensive Marketing Solution? 

Maximum Newsletter MarketingWednesday, March 30
11:00 am to 12:30 pm PST
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm EST
Register Here 

If you are presently using a newsletter to market, or are thinking about using a newsletter to market, do not miss this webinar.  It will help you no matter what system you use. Competition is sharper today than it ever has been and your sphere is the key to an unlimited referral base. 

Today you must act quickly because you never know how quickly rates will rebound: witness late 2010!

Only NewsletterPro gives you a complete Marketing System with newsletters and more, plus a Certification Program–the Certified Mortgage Advisor Program as a free bonus. Dave Hershman has been writing newsletters, special reports and marketing materials for the industry for three decades.


This Webinar is free and will be recorded and provided
to all registrants automatically.  


I purchased your program, attend the webinars and it has paid for itself ten times over.     I was using a more expensive program with little results. Thank you  Myles Ross – Mortgage Advisor, Laguna Hills, California 

This webinar will cover these concepts:

  • Marketing your sphere should be your most important focus in your marketing plan
  • If you are not fully utilizing your sphere, you are spending money, time and energy advertising or cold calling which is expensive and will give you burnout.
  • Warm referrals from your sphere are less expensive to produce & 10 times easier to close than cold calls.
  • Flyers and postcards are expensive and will produce diminishing returns as they are selling something.
  • Recipes & handy homeowner hints are nice–but they don’t present you as an expert. 
  • Technical charts and secondary language are not of interest to your sphere & the recipients won’t understand what you are talking about. Therefore, they won’t call. Is your newsletter inhibiting response?
  • Your sphere is interested in real estate, not mortgages. If they could purchase real estate without getting a mortgage, they would.
  • Response mechanisms: Is your newsletter designed to make your phone ring?
  • Tour of the NewsletterPro System with new features

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