Selling as a Mortgage Expert Advisor

Two Weeks Away From The Budget Deadline–Get an update of what could happen in the real estate market in a shut-down 

 Complete Legislative Update This Week In Our CMA Webinar….
Marketing and Selling As a Mortgage Expert Advisor
Wednesday, July 20
11:00 am to 12:30 pm PST
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm EST

Experts Earn More
Experts Get More Referrals
Are You Marketing and Selling As An Expert?

Only the NewsletterPro and Certified Mortgage Advisor Program helps you become an expert and market like an expert.

Those who subscribe to the  60-Day Trial of the NewsletterPro Marketing System using coupon code “60DayOffer” will be registered for this webinar automatically.  Just click the button, click here to buy and enter the code and you will get full access to our webinars and marketing system for 60 days at only $9 per monthThe webinar will be recorded for those who register but can’t attend. This trial offer is ending July 31.

The old world of mortgage sales called for making more money on deals we worked harder on.  The new compensation plan says that we can’t vary our rates based upon the terms of the loan. That means you will be competing on a level playing field. It also means that doing business via relationships and trust will be more important than ever.  

You know you have to increase volume. But being an expert will enable you to earn more.  This webinar will cover—

  • Sales and lead conversion skills,
  • Overcoming objections.
  • Key synergy marketing concepts
  • Marketing other experts through your sphere
  • Better than homebuyer seminars: Advisor Seminars
  • Seminars for Realtors and Financial Planners
  • Synergy Partners and Advisor Networking Groups
  • The PR Machine
  • Marketing tools of experts

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