Finding Realtors That Are Not in The Office


I am having a harder time meeting Realtors because they are never in the office. So many times they work out of their homes, how can I meet them? James from Oregon

You were never supposed to “meet” Realtors by going into a real estate office–even before they started working out of their homes. Cold calling offices was always the worst thing you can do. So things have not changed in this regard. The best way of meeting agents is through networking, something I focus upon again and again in my sphere marketing teachings.

You are right about the fact that more are working out of their homes. Electronic means of adding value are imperative after you meet them. That is what our newsletter system is all about. It is also what our webinars are all about. For example, on September 21, we are presenting a session on public speaking AND first time buyer presentations. This presentation is great for loan officers and also great for Realtors. Our subscribers get to invite their agents and other referral sources for free. Even trial members get to participate. Go to and use coupon code “60DayOffer” in order to become a trial member. Dave


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